I Lay Down By The Riverside And Dreamed (2019), for ensemble.

Out of the Snowstorm, an Owl (2018), for string quartet.

Chaconne (2018), a trio for flute, viola and cello.

Let Me Speak (2018), for solo clarinet.

Mycorrhizal Ecology (2017), for two pianos, 4 hands.

The Poetess (2016), for ensemble and actors.

What The Living Do (2015), for piano solo.

An Archaeology of Feeling (2013), a trio for flute, trumpet and cello.

Miniature Overture (2012), for orchestra.

Night Music (2012), for string quartet.

Allegretto (2011), for string orchestra.

“a little bird told me” (2011), a duo for flute and viola.

Four Nordic Riddles (2010), for orchestra and solo voices.

Nine Aspects of a Cracked Vase (1996), a duo for violin and piano.

Cave Music (1994), for solo flute.

The Endless Knot (1993), for solo viola.

Kol M'Kadeysh Sh'vii (1988), for ensemble.

Dance For Two Characters (1988), a duo for flute and guitar.

Into The Sun (1988), for piano solo.

Two Fragments and a Coda (1985), for string quartet.